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Thanks, Kitty. It's raining hard in London today. Many people are carrying umbrellas. Some young people are walking in the rain. Now, back to the Weather Station, Shelly.
This is a part of a weather report.
Would you explain the last sentence?

" Now, back to the Weather Station, Shelly."

What is the part of speech of 'back' in this sentence? What is the full form of the last sentence?

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    All the sentences are grammatical, even that last one if it's considered exclamatory!

    In that last sentence, "back" is being used as an adverb, to tell WHERE they are going. In this sentence, the subject and verb have been omitted, probably considered to be understood. Perhaps the entire sentence would read, "Now, let's go back to the Weather Station, Shelly." The words "let's go" (understood) include the subject "us" in the contraction "let's" and the verb "let...go." It's very idiomatic, and is much more easily understood than explainable!!

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