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How does censorship limit student's creativity. In what Way.
Please help!! I'm fresh out of ideas!!!

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    Censorship of what?

    Censorship of materials a student may read?

    Censorship of student writings in a school publication?

    Censorship of teachers' ideas?

    Censorship of the Internet or movies that prohibits students from seeing porn?

    Please clarify your question, and we'll be glad to help you.

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    Censorship of student writings in a school publication.

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    My opinion, so long student's writings in school publications are not vulgar, not personal assaults on other students/teachers,and are written in a proper form for opinion pieces, then I strongly believe that students should be able to write freely about school problems or societal problem. This is one way that student's learn to think analytically and to determine bias in writing.

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    Here are several good and interesting website articles:


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