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1 (a) A function passes through the points (0, -5), (1, 0), (2, 7). Use finite differences to
determine the equation of the function.
(b) Draw the graph of the function.
(c) Draw the inverse on the graph.
(d) Show at least two different restrictions to the domain that could be made so that the
inverse is a function.
(e) Find the equation of the inverse.
(f) Show using the domains found in part (d) that the domain of the function is the
range of the inverse and that the range of the function is the domain of the inverse.

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    What is your question about this assignment?

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    the whole thing
    if u know da workin out

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    With only those three points, the only definite thing we can say,
    it is not a linear function.

    With three points, I could find a quadratic function, or a cubic function.
    I could even find the equation of a circle passing through those points.

    To have a quadratic function, the second differences have to be all the same constant, but we only get a single value of 2, so it is not enough information.

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