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Can someone please tell me how to solve this problem? Trying to help a teen who is staying with me with their homework, but I am clueless.


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    Please post the question.

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    Oops....sorry, I forgot to put the problem in.

    -2y = 228 + 8x
    10x + 11y = -64

    Solve each system of equations using the substitution method.

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    what is 3 to the square root of 75 plus 2 to the square root of 5

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    Put them in standard form:

    Elminate a variable. I will pick x. Multiply the top equation by 10, the second equation by 8


    now subtract the second equation from the first..
    and proceed to solve for y. Then, substitue back in the original equation, either one, and solve for x.

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    x+y=-8 3x-y=-4

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