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Commercial airliners have a maximum allowable weight of passenger checked baggage. It is known that the distribution of individual passengers checked-in baggage weight has a mean of 42 pounds and a standard deviation of 25 pounds. Suppose that a particular airplane, with a capacity of 125 passengers, can take at most 6,000 pounds of checked baggage. Assuming the plane has no empty seats, what is the approximate probability that the baggage limit will not be exceeded?
Choose one answer.

a. 0.9791

b. 0.9832

c. 0.9963

d. 1.0000

e. none of these

  • statistics -

    here is a page that will calculate it for you without tables.

    6000/125 = 48 pounds

    so you want the prob that the weight will be below 48

    so enter the mean as 42
    the standard dev as 25
    and click the below after entering 48

    I get .5948

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