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Does this sound good to you? (Eigth grade) Setting: 1930's Dust Bowl

She stood facing north,
screaming at it.
Raising her hands towards the heavens,
And it came.
Storming through like a beast,
Charging like a bull,
Roaring like a lion.

The dust billowed in the breeze,
Slashing her hope.
As she wilted with the crops.
We watched from the school house,
breathing in our death.
Grasping to our handkerchiefs,
trying to survive.

Letting herself be taken away,
to the place she'd never been.
She'd visited grief.
Lost her daughter,
Three days old,
Gave up hope.
She'd visited love,
Felt it ripped away.

The dust wrapped around her,
She could see it,
Closer that it'd ever been.
With the face of a monster,
Staring blankly,
It welcomed her,
and took her away.
Away from the dust,
Away from her life,
Away from the grief.

She was gone,
to find her daughter,
Left us,
Who will death sabotage next?
As we sat facing north.

  • Free Verse Poem -

    Yes, it does.

    Accurate emotions and all.

  • Free Verse Poem -

    no,it does'nt

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