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For all real numbers, f(x)=(x^2+1)/2. If f(a)=25 and f(11)=b, what could be the value of b-a?

I'm confused on how you do these problems. Can someone show me how to do them? Thanks much!

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    I will start you on b

    f(11)=(11^2+1)/2=61 so b is 61

    25=(a^2+1)/2 solve for a....

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    Ok, so f(25)=(25^2+1)/2. 626/2=313. So, a=313. When substituted, 61-313 is -252.

    There's a small issue though. This question is multiple, and I don't see a -252 as one of the choices:

    a. -14
    b. 36
    c. 68
    d. 77
    e. 86

    Did I do something wrong?

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