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can you give me some ideas for writing a essay about recycling, conserving water, conserving electricity, and stopping pollutions. My teacher wants me to write paragraphs that are long like 10 sentences.

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    Please als o show me how to write a good introduction with a topic senstence and a thesis statement.

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    Paragraph development:
    Here's a plan for a well developed paragraph, and I'll make sure it's ten sentences long!

    ~~Topic sentence (main idea for the paragraph)
    ~~First detail sentence - the second most important detail or "evidence" to support the topic sentence.
    ~~Two commentary sentences - both explaining what YOU THINK that detail sentence means.
    ~~Second detail sentence - another important detail that supports the topic sentence.
    ~~Two commentary sentences, explaining what YOU THINK the second detail sentence means.
    ~~Third detail sentence - the most important detail that supports the topic sentence.
    ~~Two commentary sentences, explaining what YOU THINK the third detail sentence means.
    ~~You could add a sentence at the end of the paragraph which serves as a conclusion for this paragraph's thoughts and/or a transition to the next paragraph.

    This careful planning of each paragraph's sentences is taught specifically in this system:

    In addition, there are excellent ideas here about developing ideas and paragraphs:


    See the list at the left of the screen for the sub-topics in writing a paragraph.

    This is the best I've seen. Be sure to read it all and practice what is explained to you here.

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    Isn't a typical parapgraph usually supposed to contain five or six or maybe seven sentences?

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