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I want to know if this is correct.

the question is:

Marissa, Cassidy, and Shante went to a school party. Marissa brought 2 bags of Skittles, and Cassidy brought 3 bags of Skittles. Shante forgot to bring candy to the party. Each bag contained the same amount of candy. If the three students share their candy equally, and Shante paid Marissa and Cassidy a combined total of $2.50 for the candy that they shared, how much money should Marissa and Cassidy get?

The Work:

M=2 C=3 5 bags total
$.50 x 5 = 5 bags
$.50 = 1 bag
$.50 x 2 = M ($1.00)
$.50 x 3 = C ($1.50)

Marissa gets $1.00
Cassidy gets $1.50.

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    Looks good! Thanks for asking.

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