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True of False???

1. The Soviets desperately wanted the Allies to open a second front in North Africa to relieve German pressure on the Soviet Union.
--------------------my answer: True

Becayse in the autumn of 1942, the Russians were tenaciously holding out at a city on the Volga River named Stalingrad. The city's namesake needed all the help he could get — and quickly. With Stalin demanding a "second front" to relieve German pressure on his nation, the United States agreed to enter the European war through an unlikely door: pro-German.

2. By 1937, with the tide of aggression rising in Asia as well as Europe, the vast majority of Americans felt that the United States should abandon isolationism.
--------------------my answer: True?

My book talked about Americans getting worried about begin dragged into another foreign conflict. Fear of becoming involved in another war caused Americans to try to aviod conflict at any cost.

3. In 1931, because of the world depression, President Hoover canceled the reparations due from the European countries.

----------------my answer: False

Because On June 20, 1931, realizing that Austria and Germany were on the brink of financial collapse, President Hoover proposed a one-year world moratorium on reparations and inter-governmental debt payments.

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    1 and 2 sound correct.

    3, however, is questionable. Compare the language:

    -- "President Hoover canceled the reparations due from the European countries"


    -- "President Hoover proposed a one-year world moratorium"

    If that moratorium went through, then the answer is true; if the moratorium didn't go through, then the answer is false.

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