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American History

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---- TRUE of FAlSE??/

1. The Allies had the upper hand against the Japanese in the Pacific during all of 1942.

------------my answer: True??
** what does upper hand mean? i don't quite getr the meaning of the question.

2. The Soviet Union established several satellite nations in Eastern Europe following World War II.

-------------my answer: True
Because Between 1945 and 1949, the USSR established a ring of satellite People¢¥s Democracies in Eastern Europe.

3. The late 1940s witnessed an increased concern over matters of internal security surrounding suspected Communists in the U.S. government and elsewhere.
-------------------my answer True?
Because during the World War II, there were a lot of rise of communists and the US wanted to keep out of it?

** sorry i really don't know the answer.
my book doesnt talk about such things and i search for help in GOOGLE but found no answers

True False

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    2 and 3 are correct.

    The term "upper hand" means that a person or country has control over that time or place. Since Japan had control of almost the entire Pacific in 1942 (immediately following their attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii), it was the Japanese who had the upper hand, not the Allies.

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