latin-can u help me translate these sentences?

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1. propinquus meus plus cupidinis laudis i am demonstraverat, itaque reliquos virtute superavit.
2. utrum trans amnem a latis campis sub silvam ubi plus umbrae gratae erit an circum agros in oppidum ad summam arcem ubi semper multitudo feminarum est cras ambulabimus?
3. ante bellum multitudo navium populi nostro inimici celeriter super mare navigabat, nunc autem post bellum in imo mari est.
4. si di omnes vestro populo iram longam diu demonstrant, num erit equus celer satis doni et munus numinibus gratum?
5. cur post multos inopiae annos dei nostrae fortunae auctores plus frumenti modo dederunt?

  • latin-can u help me translate these sentences? -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Are you asking for HELP or are you asking us to DO this translation. Try first to DO whatever you can and then someone is able to HELP.

  • latin-can u help me translate these sentences? -


  • latin-can u help me translate these sentences? -

    I tried the sentences at my house, and I was unable to figure it out, so I came to here for help.

  • latin-can u help me translate these sentences? -

    First, I suggest you check your spelling. Then, search Google for Latin translation. I was provided with a variety of results.

  • latin-can u help me translate these sentences? -

    Now I am going to St. Peters Bascila, that is a wonderful church.

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