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writing a negative message to a superior

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My issue is that I need a first paragraph buffer before I break the bad news to a superior. Any suggestions?

  • writing a negative message to a superior -

    My experience is that good superiors like negative messages to the point, and with a rationale. I wouldn't sugar coat it. If it needs sugar coating, get a new job.

    Beginning paragraph: To the in
    Now there is a downside that I see... or One thing that needs attention is ....

    Then offer rationale. If you are full of beans, the supervisor, if he is worth his salt, will tell you.

  • writing a negative message to a superior -

    You did not say what the prob was so just in general this is what I use. With any type of letter written to a superior, the 1st paragraph should be positive. Things that you like about the business, job, whatever they are supervising, things that you have learned and appreciate. The middle of the letter should explain the problem or bad news. The end of the letter thanks him and explains that you would be available to discuss the issue at hand in order to solve a problem, or mend any concerns etc.

  • writing a negative message to a superior -

    I would like to know if it would be appropriate to write a negative message in a memo form or letter form. what is the different

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