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Hi, I'm currently reading 'The Great Gatsby' and was wondering if someone could help me understand this passage:

"My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand. That anyone should care in this heat whose flush lips he kissed, whose head made damp the pyjama pocket over his heart!"

This is at the part where Nick is taking the train to Daisy and Tom's house before Daisy tells Gatsby she loves him in front of Tom. I'm just very confused. Where does this come from? Nick had just been "accused" of stealing a woman's pocket-book.

Thanks in advance.

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    Go back to the scene in the garden where Gatsby laid out his dream plan. Now, it is so dang hot, who cares if Gatsby gets his woman?
    I don't recall Nick being accused of stealing, but just getting dirty looks when he picked up the purse.

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    Main Entry: commutation ticket
    Function: noun
    : a transportation ticket sold for a fixed number of trips over the same route during a limited period

    The "heat" is the metaphor here. The heat of the day, the man's hands, his love for Daisy, his being accused.

    He is in a stage of change, "trip" and it is full of conflict "heat".

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    Me neither. I'm just like you right now, digging through the internet to find an explanation to this freaking phrase!

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