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.1 M HCl + .1 M NaCl
.1 M HF + .1 M NaF
.1 M HBr + .1 M NaBr

Which of the above would be considered buffers?

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    A buffer is a mixture of a weak acid and one of its salts OR a weak base and one of its salts.
    HCl is a strong acid.
    HBr is a strong acid.
    How can you tell if an acid is a weak one or a strong one. Look in the back of your text for ionization constants. If it is listed, it is a weak acid (or base). If it isn't listed, chances are good it is strong. There is another way, also. The common strong acids are
    There are three or four more but they aren't common.
    H2SO4 (only the first H is strong).

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