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Sodium reacts with chlorine gas according to the reaction:\

2 Na (s) + Cl2 (g) ---> 2 NaCl (s)

What volume of chlorine gas, measured at 687 mmHg and 313 K, is required to form 275 g of NaCl?

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    Convert 275 g NaCl to mols.

    Convert mols NaCl to mols Cl2 using the coefficients in the balanced equation.

    Use PV = nRT to solve for V of Cl2 at the stated conditions.

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    1) 275 g NaCl ----> 4.71 mol NaCl

    2) Next, 4.71 mol NaCl * 1Cl2/2 NaCl = 2.36 mol Cl

    3) V= nRT/P

    v= (2.36 mol)(0.0821 L atm/K Mol)(313K)/687mmHg = 0.0883 L

    Final answer: v = 0.0883 L

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    All of your calculations and numbers look good until the last step. Pressure in PV = nRT must go in in units of atmospheres. Change by 687/760 = ?? atm.

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    So, if I convert mmHg to atm I get .904 atm. When I plug that into the equation, the final answer is 67.1 L?

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