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My French teacher is having us write to our fifth grade pen pals, and I sent my first letter a while ago with everyone else in the class. Well, my teacher waited for a while so all of the students would have a chance to respond in a letter of their own and send it back. Everyone else got a letter, except me because my pen pal didn't do her homework. Well, my teacher is having us all write another letter (It's a homework assignment) And I don't know what to write! In my first letter, I told her about myself, like my school, my family, some things I like to do, etc. Since she didn't send my anything back, I have no clue what to say! I'm pretty sure I said it all in the first one. Can someone give me some ideas? Thank you!

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    You might describe what a normal school day is like for you.

    You could relate a particular experience you've had recently -- and tell why it was especially beautiful or fun or difficult or whatever makes it memorable for you.

    You could tell about a special trip you and your family took recently, no matter whether it was a vacation weekend or a trip to your grandparents' house for a weekend (or anything similar).

    In other words, think of one event or experience or memory and tell all about it -- in detail!


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    Wow, Thanks! Those are really good ideas!

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    You're very welcome -- now go get an A!!


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since your pen pal didn't do the homework, here are some other ideas. That student may have difficulty writing as well, so you could ask some questions you'd like answered. It's much easier to write when you are answering questiions. You could also ask for a different pen pal if you don't get a response to your second letter.

    You could even begin with your name. What are popular names of your classmates. How did you get your name. "What's in a name?"

    Write about your favorite sport, game, TV program, music. Hobbies are always interesting and you might even like the same thing(s).

    What is a typical day at school like for you. Have your pen pal compare a typical day there. What are your most favorite or least favorite classes and why? What are your goals for the future?

    You could draw a "map" of your town. What might be interesting to a tourist visiting? What is the typical weather like and/or how do you dress.

    Of course, you don't want to tell everything at once. These are just some more ideas. Some of my students even exchanged visits with their pen pals. Bonne chance!


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    stupid and very hard

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    Me and my french pen pal enjoy chatting about our opinions of things.
    Maybe one of her favourite films (?) are on of the worst in your opinion. So tell her your own opinion. We also like talking about what's in our town (where we live) and what we love to do on the weekend.

    Hope it helps.



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    dont do it

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    cool ideas. thanks. i have an assessment in class at school where i have to write a pretend letter to a french penpal. these are good ideas.

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