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Could you please give me a sentence and make it once in the CONDITIONEL and once in the SUBJUNCTIVE. I don't understand the difference between those two. I have read all kinds of explanations but I need one clear example to show me the difference.
Thank you

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    Scroll down to Conditional sentences in English.

    I'd use one of the realis sentences as an example of conditional and one of the irrealis sentences as an example of subjunctive.

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    Thank you very much!

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    This site explains these two concepts well -- with several examples.


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    for example: the conditionel
    "je donnerais" means I would give ("ich würde geben" in German) right???
    nous donnerions - we would give
    but how do you translate into English (or German) the French subjonctif??
    it's almost like a conjugation-combination of present and imperfect
    je donne (présent)
    tu donnes (présent)
    il donne (présent)
    nous donnions (imparfait)
    vous donniez (imparfait)
    ils donnent (imparfait)

    When do you use the subjonctif and what does it translate to?

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    Please click Post a New Question and repost your question about English/French as a new question. That way our foreign language expert will see it and respond.

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    I will do that, thank you

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