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Can someone tell me if this objective for my lab report sounds alright?

The objective of this multistep lab was to ultimately synthesize 4-bromo-2-chloro-6-iodoaniline through the intermediate formation of acetanilide, 4-bromoacetanilide, 4-bromo-2-chloroacetanilide, and 4-bromo-2-chloroaniline.

I think it sounds not so great.(they say it should be 3-4 sentences long)
And I'm not sure if by forming individual products and analyzing them for individual functional groups and also testing for the melting point should be there as well.
And I'm not sure if intermediate formation is the right word for the individual reactions that I did (5 week synthesis)


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    anyone, Please?

    I'm just asking about the objective of the lab which was to synthesize the final product I mentioned by first producing the other initial product.

    not asking about mechanism or etc.

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    I think it sounds ok. You can break it down into two sentences if you wish but I see nothing wrong the one sentence. I don't think analyzing for functional groups, testing for melting points and that kind of thing belong in the objective if the objective was to form the "final" product.

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    Thanks Dr.Bob

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