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I am promoting a new product for General Motors in my pr class. I need an objective for this product. Will my objective be one sentence or how will I write it, give me an example please.

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    One sentences are highly desirable, but rare.

    This new satellite radio will reduce manufacturing and installation costs compared to present model 4532, yet have a reliability rating equivalent in MTBF greater than 56789hrs.

    Now normally, objectives put forth performance subgoals, such as...
    The new radio will have a demonstration model by 23July2009, and enter full production 10 months after engineering testing which shall not exceed 6 months.

    Cost, Schedule, and performance is the stuff of business objectives. Measurable is the operative word. The squeamish avoid these.

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    after I wrote this, I realized you are in a PR class. PR folks are addicted to fluff, not data. So my objective above suits management, but PR is much more fluff, and much less dates, cost, and performance. PR is a land I seldom visit, about as often as I visit Neverland. My engineering mentality prohibits living there.

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    thanks bobursley

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