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I don't know if my other post went through or not, so I'm reposting it here. The first question I didn't know the answer to and the second one was worded in a way that I couldn't understand.

1. With respect to an electric and a magnetic field, how does the direction of a magnetic force on a charged particle differ from the direction of the electric force?

2. How does the direction in which a current-carrying wire is forced when in a magnetic field compare with the direction that moving charges are forced?


I appreciate any help from anyone! Thanks!!!

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    I recommend you use your right hand rules for the magnetic force. In the force of E, the particle is attracted/repelled in the direction of E. In magnetic terms, the moving particle is moved ninety degrees from the direction of current.

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    Was that for #1 or #2? Thank you so much for helping!

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    It is for both....

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    Oh yeah duh I didn't really read it all the way through. Thanks so much for helping!

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