social psychology

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representation of violence in the media?

Qualitative approach:
Title- abstact brief summary of project - Introduction plus a research questionreview the relevant literature leading up to the research question- justify the use of your methodology.
METHOD:describe&justify method{brief descript. of material, procedure etc}
refer to researcher & any qualitative method used...
Analyse carry out thematic analysis that provides supportive quotations
be helpful to start the analysis section with the research question &follow this witha clear unambiguous statement of general finding before you present your themes
aim for a clear summary of analysis,rooted in the data,
provide commentaries through out
noneed to add tables or a cognitive map,
discussion: interprete the results relate back to relevant lit. come to a conclusion of how the results from study ties in to the literature and how it answers your research question- evaluate the study and methodology.
reflexivity: - stand back from research and see how it may be biased,discuss and , interests, values, experiences, & charachteristics.


  • social psychology -

    What is your research question?
    What methodology are you going to use?

    If you give us some idea of your ideas and how you want us to help you, we'll be glad to do what we can.

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