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Would you use the word IS or ARE in the following sentence?:

These houses IS/ARE a blend of commerical and residential units.


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    Are is correct.

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    Okay, there's more to the sentence?

    These houses are a blend of commerical and residential units that SERVE(S?) as the office as well.

    Should it be SERVE or SERVES?

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    These houses (plural subject) are (plural verb to match) a blend of commercial and residential units (plural) that (pronoun referring to the plural noun "units") serve (plural verb to match) as the office as well.

    I find a problem at the end of that sentence, though: How can "commercial and residential units" (plural) serve as "the office" (singular)???

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    I don't know, my dad wrote it. I'm trying to fix his grammar.

    Thanks though.

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    Just ask him exactly what he means by the last part of that sentence. If he clarifies it for you, you should be able to make it make sense.

    I have to do that with one of my grandsons all the time. He assumes that others will automatically know what he means! I have to keep questioning him ... and he's getting better ... slowly.


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    These houses are a blend of commerical and residential units that may also serve as offices.

    ^Perhaps that is what he meant.

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    ...serve as an* office~

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    "serve as offices" makes more sense, yes.


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    Yeah, I see your point. Actually, I think only one of the houses is the office. So, I don't know, I'll ask him to claify. Thanks guys!

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