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I have to explain why there was such a delay for the enforcement of both documents. I've been trying to find websites to help me, but I haven't found anything. The answer I see is The basic reason is that most nations don't want international agreements to intefere with the way they conduct their affairs..but how do i continue explaining. I'm trying to find articles for reasons why it took them so long to enforce it but I cant find anything

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    the documents are UDHR an CPPCG

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    The basic reason that these documents haven't been vigorously enforced is that there is no international body empowered to enforce these ideas. The U.N. did go into the former Yugoslavia to prevent genocide, but that armed conflict was controversial among many member nations. The current mess in Iraq shows the great difficulties other countries face in interfering with a nation's civil affairs.

    These sites will give you more information.



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