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Is it better to go to college and be successful or open your own business wihtout a college degree?

This is my topic and I need help writing a good introductory paragraph. it's for a persuasive paper!!

  • introductory paragraph! -

    Write the paper first, then write the intro. How can you write an intro for a paper that hasn't been written yet??

    Follow the writing process steps:

    ~thesis statement writing

    ~write the first draft OF THE BODY OF THE PAPER, using your outline as a roadmap
    ~after the body of the paper is done, write a first draft of the intro, with the thesis statement at the END of the intro paragraph
    ~after the first draft of the body and intro are done, write a draft of the conclusion

    ~revise content to make sure all ideas flow smoothly and all paragraphs are sufficiently developed
    ~write second, third, etc., drafts
    ~proofread for mechanics
    Use the Essay & Research Paper Level for the steps in the writing process.

  • introductory paragraph! -

    thank you soooooo much!!! thanks for the links they really helped out!!

  • introductory paragraph! -

    You're welcome!


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