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Alright. So, I have to write an essay answering these questions...

Why was Genghis Khan able to conquer such a vast territory?

How did Mongol rule affect China?

How is Genghis Khan viewed in Mongolia today?

Given his actions, would you view Genghis Khan as a hero or as a tyrant? Why?

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Thanks so much in advance. (:

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    How would you like us to help you with this essay?

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    Well, Ms. Sue, obviously in an essay I need to expand on whatever supporting details are provided. I was hoping that I could be provided with a just sort of list of different ideas answering these queries, so I could expand on those answers.

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    If you study these websites, you'll find many ideas for expanding your essay. Be sure to also search the links at the bottom of the Wikipedia page.

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    Thank you. Do you happen to have any specific information on the topic above?

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    Yes. And I'd be delighted to discuss them with you after you've read those sites.

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    That's perfectly fine with me. I'm just a little worried that I won't be gotten back to. It's worth a try though. I'll post back momentarily.

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    We'll get back to you, I promise.

    I'll check back for the next hour -- and then again all day tomorrow.

    Please take your time and study the resources carefully. I also suggest that you click Post a New Question if you respond tomorrow.

  • Social Studies - - Please Help -

    Thank you. And the essay is due tomorrow, so if I do post back, it'll be sometime tonight. I appreciate your help. (:

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