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This is quite confusing...
I'm helping someone with math. They have a problem, -4^2, and the people we're both talking to can't agree on whether it's -16 or 16. Google returns -16, my calculator returns 16. Google, however, changes it to -(4^2).

I figured it was 16 since -4 * -4 = 16, but I have a habit of incorrectly remembering math concepts...

Help is greatly appreciated. :D

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    I'm asking, in other words, is it read (-4)^2 or -(4^2)?

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    It would seem that you are correct if it is written -4^2. That does indicate -4*-4
    The Google one would be correct IF there were parenthesis, but we just can't go putting things into parenthesis that aren't given in the problem. Your memory is least this time!:)

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    Ah, thanks. :D

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