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English expression

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1. He is of medium height.
2. He is of average weight.
3. He has medium height.
4. He has average weight.
5. He has long curved hair.
6. She has short straight blond hair.
7. She has medium-length wavy blonde hair

Are all the sentences grammatical?
Would you check them and correct errors, please.

  • English expression -

    1 is OK.
    2 is OK.
    3 is not OK.
    4 is not OK.
    5 is OK if you delete "curved" and insert "wavy."
    5 is OK.
    6 is OK if you put a period at the end.

    You might need commas with the adjectives in 5 and 6. Check here to see:
    (Broken Link Removed)

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