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What are the keyboard shortcuts for typing French accents? thanks

  • French-how to make accents -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. To post the correct chart, do you have PC or MAC, Windows or not?


  • French-how to make accents -

    Here's one place to start:
    (Broken Link Removed)

  • French-how to make accents -

    P.S. In the meantime, you might try these:

    1. (International Keyboard): (Broken Link Removed)

    2. (special language characters):


  • French-how to make accents -

    The way I make accents is as follows:
    I hold down the ALT key and on the NUMERICAL keyboard I press:
    130 for é 139 for ï
    138 for è 140 for î
    136 for ê 133 for à
    137 for ë 131 for â
    147 for ô 150 for û
    148 for ö 135 for ç

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    Aha! Then you would have wanted the chart I have for Windows 95, Office 1997. I'll see if it prints. I'm so glad I have a MAC because it's so much easier to make accent marks!

    The Windows Character Map, usually found in the Windows 95 (Office 97) Accessories Program Group, provides a combination of keystrokes needed for foreign language applications. Instructions: Go to START, click on FIND and type CHARMAP. Find the character map in Windows, select the font "Times Roman," and use the numeric key pad on the right side of the keyboard to create special characters. The system will occasionally fail if a particular combination of keystrokes has been reserved by another application.
    Depress the ALT key and hold it down while typing in the three-digit number. To type the numbers, use the numeric keypad, not the number keys on the top row. 128 Ç
    129 ü
    130 é
    131 â
    132 ä
    133 à
    135 ç
    136 ê
    137 ë
    138 è
    139 ï
    140 î
    141 ì
    142 Ä
    143 Å
    144 É
    145 æ
    146 Æ
    147 ô
    148 ö
    149 ò
    150 û
    151 ù
    152 ÿ
    153 Ö
    154 Ü
    160 á
    161 í
    162 ó
    163 ú
    164 ñ
    165 Ñ
    168 ¿

    PC Variations: Hitting the spacebar or a non-accented letter after a dead key produces the key's normal value, i.e. ', `, ~, ^, or ". Other special characters can be entered by using the Right-Alt key in combination with other keys (esp. useful for ¿, ¡ «, » ß). For Spanish, it might be easier to use the Right-Alt key for accents too: Alt-? = ¿ Alt-! = ¡ Alt-s = ß Alt-n = ñ Alt-N = Ñ Alt-, = ç
    Alt-a = á Alt-e = é Alt-i = í Alt-o = ó Alt-u = ú

    This two hundred number combination in the Character Map, set to "Times New Roman," is useful within an internet document (e.g., an on-line student response journal) in the latest versions of browers.

    ALT + 0224 yields á ALT + 0225 yields à ALT + 0233 yields è ALT + 0232 yields é ALT + 0242 yields ò ALT + 0243 yields ó ALT + 0200 yields É ALT + 0204 yields Á ALT + 0241 yields ñ


    P.S. There is a different chart for MS Word, etc.

  • French-how to make accents -

    there is also still œ like in sœur which you get by holding down the
    ALT key and pressing 0156 on the NUMERIC keyboard

    0156 - œ
    0140 - Œ

  • French-how to make accents -

    Thank you! I'll add that to the list. I didn't notice they were missing!


  • French-how to make accents -

    You are very welcome.

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  • French-how to make accents -

    How do u do Mme in frenc? small letters

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