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Lin draws a scale drawing of a miniature computer diode. She uses a scale of 1 in.=0.01 in. Lin's drawing is 7.5 inches wide. How wide is the computer diode?
Do I take 7.5*0.01 and I would get =0.075 in.
Could you tell me if I'm doing it correctly.
Thank you.

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    You sure you have it the right way (1 in = 0.01 in.) and not the other way around? The way you say it, Lin actually has to draw 100 times bigger than the actual size of the computer diode... usually when you drawing a miniature, you are drawing with the picture smaller than the actual model.

    Anyway, if that is what you meant, your math is correct... the computer diode barely observable on the picture as 0.075 in.

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