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How do you find the value of a variable in a trianlge when it is split into two and only the hypotnuse and one side are given? Geometricmeans must be used.

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    What variable do you want to find the value of? Since you say it has a hypotenuse, it must be a right triangle, so it is easy to calculate the third side length. It is
    c = sqrt (c^2 - a^2) . Angles can be computed from arcsin a/c and arcsin b/c

    What does splitting the triangle in two have to do with it? How is the splitting being done?

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    It wouldn't necessarily be a right triangle, would it?

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    I meant to write
    b = sqrt (c^2 - a^2)

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    The word "hypotenuse", which they use, only refers to right triangles.

    Unless the "variable" and the way the triangle is "split" are defined, I can't make any sense out of this problem, and how they expect geometric means to be used.

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