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for je vais, je fais, ils vont, ils font, they sound the same don't they? how can i tell the difference?

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    Salut, autre fois! (Hello, again)

    Yes, they look alike and they may even sound alike to you at first.

    aller = to go / je vais = I go, I DO go, I AM goING

    faire = to do/to make / je fais = I'm making/doing, I DO make/do, I AM makING/doING

    ils vont = they go, DO go, ARE goING

    ils font = they do/make, DO do/make, ARE doING/Making

    Listen VERY carefully to the "v" which is not voiced = your lips come together but the sound is so soft. versus je fais = the "f" is voiced or you hear ffffffh. Actually they do NOT sound the same, or should not.


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    P.S. Actually in "f" the vocal chords do NOT vibrate but in "v" they do.


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    P.P.S. Stand in front of a mirror and pronounce these 2 words like English. Look at your lips, note when the vocal chords vibrate or when they don't.


    font (hear the fricative?)


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