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1. Can you greet the person you meet for the first time in English?
2. What is the relationship between the people who greet each other?
3. Can you introduce your friend and answer the question in English?
4. Who and who are being introduced?
Are the expressions all grammatical?
If there are any wrong expressions, would yoi correct them?

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    The first three sound fine. The fourth one, though, should just be one of these:

    To which people are you being introduced?
    To whom are you being introduced?
    To whom is he being introduced?
    To whom are they being introduced?

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    Thank you!

    e.g. Tom and Bill are being introduced.

    In this case, if we do not know the people who are being introduced, can't we ask,"Who and who are being introduced?"

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    No, you'd just say something like this:

    Who is being introduced to whom?

    "Who and who" is not done.

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