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Can someone explain to me how I'd draw this problem and what the resultant vector should be as well as the placements of the angles if possible?

A pilot must fly his plane to a town which is 200km from his starting point in a direction 30degrees N of E. He must make the trip in 1/2 h. An 80km/h wind blows in a direction 30degrees E of S. Find the speed of the plane relative to ground, the speed relative to air and the heading of the plane.

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    The resultant is the velocityi to the town: 200km/.5hr or 400@60 degrees (Notice I measure angles from N, clockwise). The wind is from the origin, 80@150. Then, the planes heading must be from the tip of the wind vector to the end of the resultant. The speed of the plane relative to air is its length. The heading is its direction.

    Windvelocity+Planeveloctyrelativeair=plane velocity relative to ground.

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