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A 550 turn solenoid is 15 cm long. The current in it is 33 A. A 3.0 cm long straight wire cuts through the center of the solenoid, along a diameter. This wire carries a 22 A current downward( and is connected by other wires that don't concern us). What is the force on this wire assuming the solenoid's field points due east?

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    Use the formula
    F = B I' L
    The direction will be that of I X B (south in this case)
    L = 0.03 m
    I' = 22 A
    B is the field in the middle of the solenoid, which you should calculate with the appropriate formula. You find it at

    It will be proportional to the solenoid current, I=22 A

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    .10035N south

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