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I am a co-op student in a Grade 1 class have been preparing lessons have to develop a language lesson on Valentine's Day vocabulary and follow up with an activity I am being tested on this I just need a good idea once I have the idea the rest will follow

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    talk about why valentines day was made. just an idea

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    how do u explain that to Grade 1 kids are not bored

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    There are several ideas in these websites:

    Also, be sure YOU are practicing good English language arts yourself -- complete sentences, proper punctuation, etc. Successful teachers of any grade level need to constantly demonstrate what they want their students to learn, if not in that grade, then in the future.


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    Your task is to teach the students a few words pertaining to Valentine's Day. How about giving each child a small Valentine. Or you could give each child a couple of the small candy hearts with two or three words on them. The class can discuss these Valentines and/or candies -- with your help in reading the words.

    A followup activity could be a simple coloring/printing sheet with the words and pictures.

    I suggest, though, that you learn to write in complete sentences -- and not runon sentences. Your post would have been easier to understand if you'd follow standard writing rules.

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    Here's a better activity suggestion: Have each student make a Valentine using one of the words on his/her candy or printed Valentines.

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    Do you mean write the word from the can

    Do you mean print the word from the candy onto the cut out valentine. Example "LOVE" sorry for the spelling typing with left hand have a cast on my right hand

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    First you distribute the Valentine cards or candies.

    Then you discuss them and read the words to the kids.

    Finally, you give each child a piece of paper and ask them to make a Valentine using one or two words that are on his card and/or candy.

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