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This is a question I need to answer scientifically.
"You are holding your late night cup of hot chocolate, explain why after a while it cools down and why your hands become hot..."

Can I have some scientific help please???


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    Heat flows from a hotter surface to a cooler surface. The hot chocolate drink may be near 100 degrees Celsius while your hands, at normal body temperature, are about 37 Celsius. Heat flows from the hotter surface to the cooler surface and that means the drink is cooled and the hands are warmed. Of course, we recognize, too, that the temperature of the room probably is not 100 degrees C either (the temperature of boiling water and we couldn't survive in that environment), so some heat flows from the cup to the air. One final bit of cooling is by the evaporation of the liquid in the drink but that is minimal.

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    If you need any help please let me know.

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