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okayyy well im still working on that comparative essay on the simpson version of "the Raven" by A.E poe and the origional poem... and well im comparing moods between the both and well i don't know what to talk about... like what's diferent between the two face to the atmosphere and stuff.. please help.

and also what's a These Re-stated... in the conclusion


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    If you don't know what you are comparing or contrasting, how can you decide that you are comparing the mood in each one? Before you can make a decision like that, you need to do thorough brainstorming. Have you done so? You also need to be clear on terminology. Comparing = telling how they are similar; contrasting = telling how they are different.

    Here's how to brainstorm for this:

    1. Draw three columns on a piece of paper.
    2. Label the left column Poe's Raven.
    3. Label the middle column Both.
    4. Label the right column Simpson version.
    5. In the left column, list all the things you can think of (be VERY detailed) that are distinctively Poe's work.
    6. In the middle column, list all the things that BOTH versions have in common -- be VERY detailed.
    7. In the right column, list all the things you can think of (again, be VERY detailed) that are distincrive to the Simpson version.
    8. Evaluate.

    When you evaluate your brainstorming, you should see patterns. You should see connections between some of the items in each list as well as connections from one list to the others. Once you've identified the strongest links and connections you see, then you're ready to decide what you're doing.

    If you actually DO decide to focus on the mood in each one, then be sure you are clear on what "mood" means in literary terms:

    Don't even try to write a plan or outline or thesis statement -- not to mention don't bother trying to write your paper -- until you've done this brainstorming.

    Be sure to let us know what you come up with, and then one of us can comment on your ideas.


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    okay thanks you ,, yes i had allready done a draf.... now all i have left to do is the Thesis Re-stated ... and the Original closing idead/ Statement...

    but i don't clearly understand the two?

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    Be sure to read this carefully:

    There are excellent ideas in there about what to include and what NOT to include in your conclusion.

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