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Please solve this equation. As you write down the steps, please give me a description on what you did.

y^3 - 16y^3/2 + 64 = 0

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    I tried to answer down below
    I think no real y is a solution

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    It's a different problem...I changed one of the terms..Try again!

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    OH, that is a different problem !

    let p = y^1.5
    p^2 -16 p + 64 = 0

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    (p-8)(p-8) = 0
    p = 8

    y^3/2 = 8
    y^3 = 8*8
    y = 2*2 = 4

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    The one with the typo was hard.

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    I saw (once you fixed it) that the variable at the beginning, y^3 was the square of the one in the middle y^3/2

    So I figured I could make it into a quadratic if I called the 3/2 one p and then the 3 one would be p^2

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