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5th Grade Math Problem

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I posted this a little while ago, but didn't see it. Sorry if it post twice.

Each fire hose is 25 yards long. The fire station needs enough fire hoses to reach and fire hydrant to the farthest house, which could be up to 230 feet away. What is the minimum number of hoses that the fire station needs?

  • 5th Grade Math Problem -

    Divide and use the next number up.

    230/25 = ??

    Since you normally wouldn't have 2/10ths of a hose, you'll have to add 1 (whole number) to the whole number in the answer.


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    But it is 25 yards & 230 feet. I'm not sure I understand.

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    Since there are 3 feet in a yard, each 25-yard hose is 75 feet long.

    Now divide 230 feet by 75. It comes out to just over 3. Since 3 hoses isn't enough, we'll need to round up to the nearest whole number.

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    Oh, sorry -- I didn't read the problem carefully. Please follow Ms. Sue's directions.

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    That makes sense, thank you to everyone for your help.

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