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I have a question.
can you help me.

The question is, Find the side length of a square that has a permeter of 32cm?

im not understanding the part where it says find the side length.
because to fing the area you need to do width x length.
so how do i get the perimeter?

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    The perimeter is the measurement around the outside. So adding the 4 sides together equals 32 cm. How long do you think each side is?

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    thank you,would it be 8cm?

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    i have another question about squares?
    the question is,
    a square has an area of 81 square feet. what is the length of each side?

    i don't really know because it doesn't show the width so i can't do w.l
    ?? what do i do?

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    area = length x width

    Since a square has equal length and width, obviously all 4 sides are equal.

    So ... what x what = 81 ??

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    i don't know.

    my answer would be

    81 / 4 = 20.25

    it doesn't make since though??

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    No that doesn't make sense.

    Area = length x width
    No division involved; no addition involved; no subtraction involved. Only multiplication.

    ___ x ___ = 81
    Think back on your multiplication tables.

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    9 x 9 = 81

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    yes!!! 9 x 9

    So each side is 9 ft.

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