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Never thought I would have a problem with Gr. 3 math - lol - but it goes like this. Write the addition or subtraction fact you will use to calculate each answer. Then add or subtract.
70 50 120 160
+30 +60 -30 -80

My question is what would the fact be???

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    Are we supposed to read each problem down?

    If you mean 70 + 30, etc., then each math fact is the number without the zero, I'd think. So these would be the math facts:


    Since all the problems have zeroes in the ones column (place), you really don't have to think about them. Just add or subract the other numbers to solve the problems and add the zero to the answer.

    Yes? No?


  • Grade 3 math -

    Yes - that was what I ws thinking too so I guess I am right - I just second guess myself - I mean some of this for a Grade 3 seems rather difficult.

  • Grade 3 math -

    I think the object is to teach place value, right? Kids already know those particular math facts from grade 2, I think, so now to use those facts in more complex problems -- and to begin to understand the concept of zero -- would probably be the goal.


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