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What job opportunities are offered for a bachelors degree of joint honours in both physics and math besides teaching?

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    Mostly teaching, or white collar jobs in sales, information processing or accounting. That would be a good education for a science or math teacher. Sad to say, but a bachelor's degree in physics or math is not a ticket to a lot of lucrative career in industry these days. I am a physicist myself, but managed to do OK mainly by virtue of a double major in engineering, and by attending graduate school. You might want to consider a master's degree, especially a multidisciplinary one with laser/optics, engineering and/or biology emphasis.

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    I agree with DrWLS. There are not many jobs available for a bachelor degree in physics, or math.

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    A friend of mine with a B.S in physics from a very good school ended up in civil service, as the elected County Assessor in a small county and than as assistant assessor in a large county. He disliked the politics of that field, and ended up becoming a skilled boatbuilder and carpenter. My son had a B.S in math which got him no skilled jobs at all, until he passed certification as an actuary by taking correspondence courses for several years. Then a whole range of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunites opened up to him. The pages of Physics Today often have articles by and letters from scientists who chose that field, or who advise using the training of that difficult field to branch out into other areas, such as investments, forensics, health care etc.

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