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we are making a survival guide as a project. and my country is sri lanka. the whole idea is to make survival guide based on a person being stranded in sri lanka. that person would have no equipment other than clothes and the guide. we are given 4 dilemmas to write about to help the person:
#1 What will be used in order to create shelter from various environmental conditions? What plant life or geographic elements will assitst in this regard?
#2 Where will you get fresh water to drink, what types of parasites must be avoided in the geographic area and how long can you survive in the environment without fresh water?
#3 What will you eat? What can you use in the area to trap food or what plant life is edible
#4 What are the dangers in the area? What plants can make you very sick or kill you? What mircoorganisms can hurt or even kill you? What animal life must be avoided? What animals should be prey and what animals should be considered predator?

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