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a multi-party system:

a. tends to produce a stable government
b. helps one party win the support of a majority of voters
c. is composed of parties with special interests
d.promotes the ideological consensus of the public.


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    Let's look at these choices.

    a. Although the U.S. with a multi-party system has a stable government, think of Iraq that has two parties. Is it stable?

    b. When there are three or more political parties, often no party receives a majority of the votes.

    c. The only reason for more than one party is to represent voters who have different interests.

    d. Do we have an ideological consensus in the U.S. What about the Iraq war, abortion, universal health care?

    What do you think the answer is?

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    uhm, is the answer c?

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    Yep. :-)

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