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HUM 130

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I'm having a little trouble finding information about societal and cultural influences in the Hinduism religion. I looked through the sites that were previously given in questions that were asked but didn't see much in the way for the information I need. Can anyone help?


  • HUM 130 -

    Make sure you understand exactly what the topic is. Is this another way to phrase it?

    What influences does the Hindu religion have on the society and culture of its believers?

    Frankly, I don't think you can separate this religion from the society(ies) and culture(s) in which its followers live.

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    As you reread these sources, think about two significant features of Hinduism -- reincarnation and the caste system.

    Most Hindus have lived extremely hard and poverty stricken lives. Many of died young of disease and malnutrition. I can see why death and reincarnation would be attractive to these downtrodden people. As my favorite philosophy professor once said, the people wanted "pie in the sky bye and bye." Since they were living a sort of hell on earth, they figured that being reborn in a higher caste would be much better than the painful lives they were living.

    See what connections you can make between the Indian society and the caste system. Why did Hindus start the caste system? Why did they keep perpetuating it?

  • HUM 130 -

    Correction: Many HAVE died young . . .

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