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What type of party system do we have in the united states and why? i need an answer cuz ive been looking for 2 hours and am so frustrated!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    "...and of a two-party legislative and electoral system."

    Be sure to read the whole article. You should also check out the See also, Bibliography, References, and External Link sections at the bottom of this webpage.


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I'm surprised you had to look!



    Just because it's called a two-party system, obviously that doesn't mean there are ONLY 2 parties:

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    Um are you trying to say i am dumb...i happened to say i looked for 2 hours because you people only answer peoples questions who beg, so thanks for ur help :P

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    Nobody's trying to say you're dumb!! It's not a simple question, and I'm not surprised to find that you're frustrated, trying to find answers. Complex questions are usually asked by teachers (and textbooks) so that what seems to be a simple answer (in this case, you could say it's a two-party system) is really not that simple. The teacher probably wants you to state that name, but to explain that it's really more than two. The "two-party system" terminology is used to differentiate us from, say, Mexico:

    There are other structures in other countries: Check out the links in the box at the right under Party system.

    Now ... WHY each country ended up as it is ... that's a good question and you'd need to understand the history of the country to be able to answer and explain that. For the US, consider the countries the colonists came from as well of the development of the US political system since 1791.

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