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What are the repercussions of a bruised ego? Would it be correct to say that there is not much difference in the theories of Freud and Erikson on ego? Are there any consequences to a bruised ego? I don't think there are but I am having such trouble with this assignment.

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    These questions were responded to in one of your previous posts.

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    I looked at all of those sites and they did answer some of my questions but I reposted these questions because I did not find the answers to them. I did not find anywhere the consequences of a bruised ego. And most of those sites i was given were about Erik Erikson not Freud.

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    "Bruised ego," like "nervous breakdown," is a colloquial term that is used by the general population that has no exact meaning as far as psychology or psychiatry is concerned.

    Since "ego" means "I," the closest I could come to your term is problems with one's self-image or self-esteem. If events occur that make you think worse about yourself, this could negatively effect your self-image and/or self-esteem. Freud would see defense mechanisms as being used to protect against this type of "bruised ego."

    Using Freud and Erikson's names and the above terms as key words for your own search should give the information you want.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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