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srry if i misspell any thing, i am typing with 1 arm, cause i broke my elbow saturday....

I don''t get this question, coukd you explain it? how are Hal,Mercedes, and Charles contrasted by the spring weather described in Chapter5 of the call of the wild ?

does contasted mean changed or stayed the same because i don't see a difference in their behavior.. It is chapter 5, you can read it on sparknotes. thnks

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    Contrasted usually means something is used as an opposited to something else.

    Spring weather is usually welcomed because long, cold winter (often symbolizing negativity and even death) is gone for another year. Flowers are starting to sprout and bloom, and new leaves are beginning to show up on the trees. In other words, people generally feel a renewal of life in springtime. It's very positive -- especially in literature and other arts.

    Therefore, I would look for whatever is negative about these characters.
    Reread the second and third from last paragraphs in that section. You should see the contrast easily.

    Let us know if you don't see it.

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    the second and third to last of the entire page or of the summary? It seems to me they are stupid, ill-prepared and don't change.. sorry i just don't get it

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    Did you read the particular page I linked above? That's for Chapter F only, which is directly from your reference.

    The contrast with spring = the negatives.

    Did those characters succeed or not? If they succeeded in that climate and locale, then they were "springlike" -- renewal of life, blooming, and all those images. If they did not, then they contrasted with spring -- lack of success, even death.

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