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acct.information system components

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can someone correct these for me when you have a chance thanks:

a) source documents
b) input devices
c) information process
d) information storage
e) output devices

I have to assigned them to the following titles that best plays role in the accouting system. My answers are in parenthesis.....

1) bar code reader (b)
2) filling cabinet (d)
3) bank statement (a)
4) computer scanner (b)
5)computer keyboard (b)
6)zip drive (c)
7)computer monitor (e)
8)invoice from a supplier (a)
9)computer software (c)
10)computer printer (e)
11)digital camera (c)
12)mp3 player (d)

  • acct.information system components -

    imho, you are wrong on the following:

    6)zip drive
    11)digital camera
    12)mp3 player

    good luck

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